Saturday, May 8, 2010

Resurrection !!

Just had a look back at my posts. Its been such a long time! Crazy how times flies ha?

OMG! So much has happened in this past year! Where should I start? Hmm, lets not start anywhere. Lets talk about some other important things.

The blog

When I created this blog, I actually wanted to explore my expressions. But I guess I was not able to put my thoughts on the blog frequently enough. So I’m going back to basics!

The blog is going to be about: me, my thoughts, and what I feel (not forgetting the ramblings).


This is the exciting part here!

Its been too long, to continue this blog as it is! So a lot of drastic changes are about to come! What are they? I still have not gotten to collecting and finalizing them, but it will come soon!


Keep your eyes up here. Come back in a 2 or 3 weeks!

And just to keep you entertained, here is a cover of a beautiful Spanish song by me.

YES I SPEAK SPANISH NOW! Now can you see how much has changed? =)

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