Friday, October 31, 2008

The irony of life

I got bored with solving this programming thing that I was doing, staying awake all night long for just one single error. You know, a normal day in the life of a nerd !! So, its early morning now and I guess I solved it. So I took a break to fix myself some breakfast. While eating, I started to think how there are so many things that can be labeled as ironies of life. So here is list that I could think up:

1. Money in the bank = Laziness. So we all chase Laziness.
2. Most chicks with great bodies are cheap.

3. Villains in movies get more girls then hero's do !

4. They all look the same naked !

5. The pleasures of wanting something pleasurable ends just when you know that you are getting it.

Good example: You wanted that dress for ages. You dream about the pleasure of owning it one day. You finally have the money to buy it. You go to the store real excited, your paying for it now.... END OF PLEASURE.

Bad example: You wanted to lay that sexy thing for ages. You dream about the pleasures of a wild night with her. You finally get what you wished for. Tonight is the night. She is laying on your bed naked... waiting for you. You know this is it....END OF PLEASURE.

6. There is no "Recycle Bin" or "Buffer memory" in real life.

7. The bigger the ship, the easier it is to sink it. This is a scientific reality as well as a metaphoric reality.

8. Your girlfriend wears your cloths : Sexy, you wear your girlfriends cloths (E.g. skirt) : Gay..

9. You may have bought it, but do you OWN it ?

10. There is always "Strings attached".

So, your girlfriend says "she is yours". You are sure she said only these three words, and nothing after or before that. So, that would mean you own her right ? I mean she is ours right ? Well try saying that to her... !!

Another real life example is this line "*conditions apply"

11. Demand is directly proportional to cost. Supply is indirectly proportional to cost. This is all that I remember from my 7th Grade Economics class. Oh yeah, and something about "elasticity".

12. Everyone wants to broadcast themselves (including me), but when they become famous, they want to keep their lives "private".

13. Everyone is no better then a leech. We make money off of someone else.

14. You should keep trying, but that's going to cost you like hell !!

15. The more money you have, the more you will make. The more money you can show, the more you will be able to loan.

16. Time and tide wait for none. So doesn't your public bus, your office staff, your ex-girlfriend when you dumped her..

That was quiet long. Need to get back to my nerdy business now. I'm sure to write a followup post to this very soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The awesomeness of AIESEC

A lot has been happning. All this due to one organization called AIESEC.

1. I'm currently the VP of marketing for our local committee. It has an awesome name:

Local committe Downtown Muscat.

We are currently a small group of start-up leaders. But we are having this exciting city wide recruitment. It invloves all the different local committees working in their colleges to recruit new members. We are currently based in my college Majan College. Its been an awesome week of putting up posters, flyers, setting up our office, e-mailing, collecting information, distributing applications, conducting information sessions. It was totally kick ass !! In the process we used some really redical marketing ideas, which i would like to group under the "Agressive marketing" catagory. So you know what I mean.

2. The first ever AIESEC Symposium and launch event in coming up. And yours truly is the Organizing committee vice president for marketing. This event is held under the patronage of Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman. So my job again: identify target audience, design and utilize communication channels to effectively reach them. Make sure the sponsors are happy and get all the ad space they paid for !!

3. And last, but not the least, I have been matched officially to an internship in Japan !! Three months in the land of the rising sun, and samurai !! Its a technical trainiship, where I'll be working with KiBAN.

How much more awesome can it get ?? The awesome experience of the best thing ever ... !!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally signs of Winter...

I hate the summer's here. And they are long. Like way way too long. What else can you expect in the desert area ? Its a great thing that electricity/petrol is cheap here. Or we would be in debt by now.
But here is the good news. Its finally getting cooler. Specially during the night. Its nice and cool, with a slight breeze. Its just like autumn. But I don't think we have that here.
Its much better for us friends, cause we can hang around late at night and do "sheesha", and not sweat like hell.
That makes me think. The winter's are much cooler here, and the summers hotter. It rains more. All that is good, but its due to climate change. Which is not a good thing. I was watching this documentary on BBC about the melting of the polar caps. Man, that's some scary thing. I wounder where this is going. I wounder what is going to happen. Even in Bangladesh. We used to have all these seasons. Each was two months long and clearly distinguishable. But now, it seems to be like summer, winter and rainy season. And a bit of the others like autumn, spring. But you can't tell them apart.
I guess, Gunu happened due to climate change.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everything for free

So, till now I have got almost everything for free online. By everything I mean anything in digital format and for which they usually ask you to PAY. Now I don't like the word PAY, SUBSCRIBE. They just aren't me. The other reason is that, I do not have a international credit card that I can use online. My dad doesn't have one too. In this part of the world, debit cards are more popular.

So, how do i get all that ?

Well for books (e-books) I just go to Search for the book I want. Highlight and copy the title of the book. Go to Paste it there and add rapidshare to the end. Then press enter and walla... !! Its there for downloading ...

There is an awesome website for software: They have a huge collection.

The rest you know ... just google...

Till now, the only thing I wasn't able to download for free is Norton 360 (anti-virus). So I bought it ... :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smooth indulgence

So recently I am really addicted to this. I mean how can you be not ...

She is smooth, creamy, voluptuous, and what not !! The moment you take her in, you wanna let it slide around, hitting all the right notes. She will make you close your eyes, and dream about the perfect sweet day. She will take you places you always wanted to go. Her creamy and caramel skin has just the perfect ingredients. She will get you hooked...

Yap, its the best thing out there. Werther's Originals. Try 'em and you will not regret.

Hey, this can be a good promotion campaign. Any takers?

Oh and its bad for your teeth.. LoL


Friday, October 10, 2008

Back in tune

My recent trip to Dubai has been really fruitful for me, cause I got a something that I had been bugging my Dad to buy for a long long time.

There is my new Yamaha FX 310A. Just unpacked. And its got a built in pick, it from Virgin Megastore Dubai, and its expensive.... x)

Before this I had this really cheap Chinese guitar. But its got a story behind it, which makes me sad, happy and grateful. So at those times, I wanted to learn guitar and I had asked my Dad for a guitar on my Birthday. But we were going through this financial problem thing, and he could only manage the Chinese one. But I really love him for that :)

So with the purchase of this new baby, my spirit of being a professional has been renewed. I called up my old teacher. He is this awesome fellow, who's really cool and all. He's like a great friend. But most of all, he is just an awesome guitarist. I mean, when you listen to him play, even a layman would want to hold a guitar and start strumming it.

I had stopped going to him cause he lived far from me. And I have to use the public transport, which is almost no-existent here in Oman.

So I called him and got a good news that he has opened up his own institute near my house. So I got really excited and tomorrow will be my first class after a really long time.

So looking forward to a great and non-stop journey back into the world of music.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living at the border

So, I'm in Buraimi. Next to Al-Ain. I can see the fences from my window. Its a totally different place from Muscat. My friend crosses the border everyday to go to college. The only place he has to spend his weekend is across the border.

Buraimi, is still an Omani village. Most of you will know what that means. Its like, there is nothing much, no big malls and cinemas. Not much to do really. So, most of the hang ot places are in Al-Ain.

My friend calls UAE people locals, I can use both Dirhams and rials. They go at a flat rate of 1 R.O. = 100 Dirhams. So, it pretty much a new expericence. Its like Muscat is a different country. The disdashas here are of different, the car plates are mixed. Ahh.. I can just go on and on.

Tomorow is EID, and I'm going to Dubai. So..later.