Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cover of Lost - Coldplay

Haven’t done one in ages.

So, I finally gather up my courage to make another video. This time its a cover.

This is an amazing song by Coldplay’s album Viva La Vida. The song is more drum based, and we all know the mind blowing stage performance of Coldplay. So this might seem a little boring.

Now, I haven’t been learning the guitar on a professional level. Took classes for like 3 months in total early on. Now it internet is my teacher. And it awesome too, I can find just about anything.

So, here goes nothing:

Later !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WAKE UP Nawras/Oman Mobile !!

This Sunday, UAE and Saudi get their hands on the apple iPhone. Some people think its too expensive. Well, yes, maybe. But its an iPhone, and like many other apple products, its suppose to be expensive.

First up, I checked Etisalat rates. You can find them here.

Well, not so bad. Its a bit pricey but you can have legally have an iPhone rather then the Jail broken ones.

Then I went and checked Mobily. You can find it here.

This is simply awesome. I seriously wish I lived in Saudi now, if it weren't for the religious Police, I would have lived there from now on.

Now the real part ! What on earth is Nawras and/or Oman Mobile doing ?


Stop concentrating on making amateurish web pages, and stupid bundle offers. One of the things I like about you is the simple offers and plans. Leave the complex ones to the new MVNP. And stop writing huge essays about your new store in QCC. It doesn't matter. You are getting old. We know you have the second land phone licence, but that doesn't mean you will concentrate on it and forget the good old "another first in the sultanate" stuff.

WAKE UP !! Go and call Apple and demand the iPhone. Show them money. If TRA interferes, use "wasta".

You know I have the most expectations from you ? Right ?

Oman Mobile:

I don't care if you are joining Omantel or not. People wouldn't even bother, if only you had better products and services. What on earth is wrong with you ? Start behaving like a public company and lets get some action.

I would believe you have the most "wasta" when it comes to TRA. So go and use it for something good. Like getting us the iPhone.

And yeah, WAKE UP !!

How many more times do I have to feel that I'm in the most technologically outdated and most slowest country in the Gulf ? You big neighbors are having it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. Now I know we don't need the bad or the ugly, but at least WAKE UP and see or even copy the good things. If they are interested enough to persuade apple to bring the iPhone, why not you ? 

Why ?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ramblings on the valentines night.

Haven't been blogging much. I guess I like being a silent reader !
So, its not the best valentines day I have had! Nothing special to do, with no one special ! So, its just another day. Hoping for a better future !
On other news, I'm trying to make this face facebook profile. I want to stock some one. Lets see how my skills at online faking are.
The last two weeks have been crazy. Absolutely, fucking crazy. We had the conference at MECIT last week and this week legislative meetings at KOM1. I had the best time of my life. It was so awesome and tiring taking care of logistics and registration and money. I'm not the best organized person out there, but I managed well.
We had a lot of externals delivering sessions, like Pwc, AMIDEAST, ELS, PDO and a lot more. It was great seeing the interactions between the speakers and the audience.
Overall it was awesome. But being busy taking care of so much, I couldn't take any pictures ! I'll try to steal some from fb