Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For people who don't live in arab countries, the whole month of ramadan is like a festival. Don't be narrow minded and think thats all we do. Its about worship and fasting and giving to the poor. But there is also shopping and late night hang out. That I'll miss this the most. In this month its like the whole city is awake till the early hours of dawn. We go around and hang out late, everyday, have shisha (water tobacco). Its soo awesome.

So now as ramadan comes to an end, I'm a bit sad. Everything will get back to its old self. And no more late night hang outs everyday :(

Wishing you all EID Mubarak.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My guitar is gathering dust

I've always considered myself to be music minded and creative. And not one of those over technical and detailed kinda person. But just someone who appreciates good work. Keep in mind the limited exposure. I have never been to an open air concert of any of my favorite artist. I still have that dream, but don't know when.

Since I was 12, I write my own songs and poems. Its a great feeling. I also used to compose them. Its great to find a tool of expression. Now in those times there were no blogs, no forums. I had books after books of lyrics, most of which I have lost. I think I have written songs about every event. It used to rain, something that would hurt me, when I used to be happy, I used to write a song. And I used to date them too. So now when I look back at them (the ones that are left) I know exactly when I wrote them.

I hate giving people gifts with cards that carry someone else's words. You know how everyone gives cards, with a poem written by "so and so" writer. I hate that. I always make it a point to spend some time and write my own. That's just how it is.

So coming to the topic of the title. I had bought this guitar. I just couldn't hold myself to not being able to re-create all the great tunes I hear all around me. And to play that awesome one that is inside my head, the one I just made up. But unfortunately I haven't got the "resources" to learn how to play it at this moment. I try to play it at times, with the limited number of cords I know, but I need to learn a lot more. Maybe later, everything falls into place and I will play my own music.

And so for now:

My guitar is gathering dust.
And so is a part of me,
I still hear music all around
Feel the resonance but can't see.

My guitar is gathering dust
And so is a part of my dream,
How I know there will be a day
That it will radiate from within.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boring movie to end the boring week

So, Oman can get boring sometimes... OK.... all the time. And so to end this boring week, I decided to watch a boring Hindi movie. Its called "Hijack"

I was beginning to wonder, when will Bollywood make a movie about hijacking a plane. And they did !! Yaa .. (read sarcastic). Its bad how they once again show Islamic terrorists hijack an Indian plane. So hate the stereotype.

There is nothing to talk about this movie. The plane gets hijacked and the hero saves the day. With a few occasional shootings and cold blooded murder. I don't understand why I don't like the tech used in Hindi cinema, its never the same as in English movies. It seems sooo fake. And how they show every single person (from the airport authority to the head of anti-terorism group) is in on the plot. And the hijackers wants to fly to Dubai .. LoL

There are no love stuff here. The hero saves the day, cause his daughter is on board the plane. At the end you come to know its based on some real story. They show a history of hijacked planes, just before the credits roll. Did you know the first case of hijacked airlines was in 1931 ? I guess these were the only interesting thing about the movie.

While coming out, I saw the next change would be "kidnap". They already did "murder" whats left ? Rape ??

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Men are such jerks"


1. If you are a girl and you agree to the above statement read on.
2. If you are not straight, then "no harm intended"
3. If you are a guy, then I'm sure you'll agree.
4. If you are a girl and do not agree to the above statement .. "call me" :)

Seriously, whats the point in generalising an entire gender. I mean think about it. Other then girls who are not straight, which other "gender" pool are they going to choose from ? Is there like a third type (yeah in case you are thinking, I didn't say the 2 in 1 type) ? So why on earth do they just say that ? Every girl will agree to the above statement. Yeah sure, I don't deny there are a lot of jerks around, but do you know each and every men on this planet ?

And then you see them happily married, and all you hear from their mouth is, my husband is this, and my husband is that !! So what happened to the "all jerks" lady ?? Where did that go now ?

In case you are wondering:
No I have not given any girl a chance or reason to say such things about me. But I've heard it from a lot of them.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Too many movies

Alright, so let me list the movies I have seen:

Tropic Thunder

And although it wasn't a really funny movie. I liked the concept of "the making of the most making of the most expensive movie". Yeah, so its like the making of the making of a movie. Sound wired, watch it .. !!

Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo bay
I was actually waiting to see this movie. And its kinda nice. But not much. There are funny scenes and then are those stupid scenes that its famous for. But its a good watch. At times the movie is filled with cheap nude girls. And they totally make Amsterdam look the the capital city for drugs and prostitution.

Step brothers

It was an OK movie. Nothing but foul language and typical American (sorry but true) movie cross hookups and sex. Although that's not real drift of the story, its there, a lot. I'm not going to give any spoilers (read... it isn't worth writing).

So that was like a lot of English movies, filled with the word fuck (I actually have a very funny joke on this, but I have to upload it), and stupid behaviour that's most of the time like "Adult Tom and Jerry"

Here are two Hindi movies I watched:

Rock On

Now this was a GOOD movie. It was actually the songs which made me watch this movie, but thank God it did. The story skims across and uses the same concept of "Dil Chahta Hay", but this time the real theme is around music. But a must watch. Specially if you are pissed of with those other English shits.

Kismat Konnection

First, its not such a good movie. And the best songs aren't even in the film. They are at the end, when the credits role out ! Second, this movie made me notice how much Shahid Kapoor really tries to copy Sharukh Khan. I mean look at him ! He looks like him, and tries to act like him (well not like a total copy, but like 60%). Oh yeah and I'm love with Vidya Balan, and she ain't even married yet. ;) And I totally agree with what she said:
"In fact, a covered body looks more sexy".

So, to end a big thanks to

I'm officially retiring for this month... :)


For some unknown reason, I'm really getting obsessed with this AMERICAN (read sarcastic) thing called Zippo. Its just taken over my mind. Its like being drunk or something. All I can think about, is how I really need to get one. Have it shipped by DHL or freaking FedEx if need to, hell ya.. Ship a tiny little thing that cost like 30$ and spend 100$ to ship it to a land where nothing comes straight. I has to go to freaking Dubai first.

Think what would happen to something coming from South America to Oman. They would be like, "No we have to cross the Gulf of Oman and land in Dubai first, that's the rules, or the people at Dubai are gonna lose money, they can't eat their meals. So you pay... "

Hate how Dubai has become a freaking one man show. A hub would be better, but its more then that, its everything. It is the freaking middle east. Although it is the a tiny tiny little city.

Oh yeah, getting back to this Zippo thing, I'm getting one .. and I'm taking a pic of it and putting it on my shirt...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots of avtivity.

Well, so suddenly, the telecom environment has seen a lot of activity. There have been some fabulous offers form Nawras (my fav), from Omantel and from the TRA.

First up, Nawras. They have introduced a membership card for the high spenders. And looking at the basket of facilities that the members will get, it looks fabulous. I mean, here is a company giving something back. Which is what every company needs to do. The terms of the membership are a bit high, but as Nawras terms it is : "an exclusive and unique privilege programme for its loyal, high-spending customers."

You can read about it here:

Second: The TRA has given tenders and shortlisted several companies for a second landline and Internet Service provider. Although the whole process set a buzz, as to duration of the process so far, its still a step forward and compition = customer benifit. Dont know if it was because of this or not but...

Third: Omantel revised their land line rates. Althoug muscati (www.muscati.com) has done the maths and pointed out that it is actually an increase for people not makind long distance calls, but atleast there is some activity out there.

The most exciting thins to me is the introduction of VoIP. Yes finally.. But its not that they have taken out the block or that its leagal for any service. But Omantel will provide their own serive of VoIP. I'm still waiting on the rates to go for any gudgement.

Too many activities and hope to see a lot in the near future.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan Kareem !!

So, here it is. A month of worship and fasting. But it also brings lots of changes. Office, school timing change. People are more replaxed and yeah, hungry :) Pleople around here in Oman, tend to stay awake late. So the streets and places like areesh, corniche aren't deserted like normal months.

But thats not all. There is a change at the end of Eid. When things again go back to normal around here. Its then that I miss Ramadan. Kind of get used to the whole schedule thing. Like how there is no lunch, and then at evening everyone gather for Iftar. I start to like how everyone then head out to pray, and then come back and go out for shopping.

Thats how I feel about Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem !!