Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Girl

Yeah, I know. I haven’t blogger in ages ! Its just a habit I can’t seem to get myself into. I envy kishorcariappa, muscati, angryinoman. They do such an awesome job. Cheers to them !

I recently had an amazing trip for an AIESEC conference in Egypt. It was called MENA XLDS ‘09. I will talk about that experience in a later post. But there I met a girl. Who is P.I.N.K. For real ! And she is also very sweet and cute *blush*

So I wrote a song about her. Technically, this song I have used a lot more chords then I usually do. So yeah, love it !

Check it out !

Pink Girl (Original)


Big Bear Trading LLC said...

Let us know how was ur experience :P

Oh and how do we check the song?


Big Bear Trading LLC said...
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Lost in thought said...

Hey !! Thank you so much for dropping by x)
You can click play above or use this direct link:

Enjoy !